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My Travel Tales Podcast

Each episode, we’ll introduce you to people around the world living extraordinary travel lives. Discover their favorite travel haunts, funny travel fails, insider travel advice and learn what continues to inspire these travelers to explore the globe. My Travel Tales is a production, inspired by travel.

Jul 31, 2018

Frank Hugelmeyer is our guest on this episode of My Travel Tales. It won't take you very long listening to our conversation to determine Frank is  pretty comfortable traveling to exotic places. And as the president of the he is the president of the RV Industry Association, you'll learn he's pretty passionate about RV...

Jul 10, 2018

Kevin Wenning is our guest on this episode of My Travel Tales. Kevin decided to create his bike photography tours when he couldn’t find a cycling vacation that catered to photography enthusiasts. You'll hear about bike touring with cameras, and four tips you can use right now to make any photo better on any trip you...